About Us

Collegian Mission Statement

The goal of the Hastings College Collegian is to inform, entertain and provide an educational experience for Hastings College students and college-related groups through journalistic coverage of campus issues and events across a variety of mediums.

Our Story

The Hastings College Collegian is a multimedia news organization led by students at Hastings College. Our content is designed to enrich the campus community by representing student voices and providing unbiased news coverage.

Collegian Student Journalism is dedicated to providing the educational opportunities, the creative environment and the experience necessary for students planning professional careers in mass communication, journalism or media arts. Additionally, the Collegian provides a platform for students interested in alternate career paths to explore the newsroom environment, as well as have an active voice in their college experience.

The Team

The Collegian staff is composed of students from several different disciplines across Hastings College campus.  Primary operations for the Collegian are overseen by the student leaders who manage the different mediums produced by the Collegian.

Collegian Editorial Policy

The opinions expressed in opinion and editorial articles published through the Collegian reflect the views of the authors and are not necessarily those of the Collegian staff. The Collegian reserves the right to reject letters to the editor. All letters must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief of the Collegian, and they must include the name of the individual or group responsible for reasons of verifying authenticity. Letters with inaccuracies will be corrected by the staff, returned to the author or rejected. Letters must be limited to 600 words or less. If the author(s) wish to remain anonymous, the editors will decide if it is pertinent to do so. No letters will be published with the author’s name against his or her will, but the staff may not publish the letter if it decides the name should be printed and the author still wishes to remain anonymous. Anonymity is a privilege granted to the author of a letter who may be persecuted or discriminated against as a result of the content of the letter.