Computers bring changes to Perkins Library – Throwback

Chase Rath – Collegian Reporter On Sept. 23, 1993, Staff Writer Melissa West wrote on changes that were made to the Perkins Library at Hastings College with the installation of computers. Students were given access to the computers to commence the research needed for their studying habits. Students would then have to be given access to the online databases with instructions from their professors.  Melissa … Continue reading Computers bring changes to Perkins Library – Throwback

Changes to CORE 100

The second year of fall CORE100 classes at Hastings College came with a variety of changes and adjustments, both as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and experience from last year. HC reconstructed the introductory courses to be functional with distant classroom arrangements and incoming international students in mandatory isolation and quarantine. The most challenging adjustment was making courses accessible through Google Meet according to … Continue reading Changes to CORE 100