Changes for Studio 200

COVID-19 has brought new changes and challenges to nearly every organization at Hastings College, but not every change on campus is dictated by COVID-19. Studio 200, HC’s on-campus resource for tutoring and homework help, has undergone several changes unrelated to COVID-19. “We moved from Kiewit to the library, and the main reason for doing that was accessibility. Kiewit has stairs but no ramp or elevator, … Continue reading Changes for Studio 200

Cases in athletics prompt for game, practice schedule changes

With many rumors swirling around campus about what the reasoning was for changing from Level Orange to Level Pink, Hastings College Athletic Director B.J. Pumroy explained that it had more to do with making sure that HC had enough housing for the students that needed to be in quarantine. “It was basically we’re having some shortage on our housing for those who needed quarantine in … Continue reading Cases in athletics prompt for game, practice schedule changes

Precaution levels rise and fall within one week

On Oct. 2 the Hastings College campus received an email from Executive President Dr. Rich Lloyd that the COVID-19 precaution level would be returning from pink to orange. The decision to move to Level Pink happened on Sept. 28 after there was a sudden increase of individuals in isolation, causing the isolation housing to approach maximum capacity. When in Level Pink, guidelines stated all classes … Continue reading Precaution levels rise and fall within one week

Revisions to HC student justice system strengthen community cohesion

A longstanding part of Hastings College’s campus community, the Community Accountability Board (CAB) and restorative justice system makes sure that any violations of student conduct are resolved in a meaningful and productive way. After being accused of violating the student handbook, an individual may appeal that violation to CAB.  “Once an appeal is filed, it’s passed on to the board and they meet roughly every … Continue reading Revisions to HC student justice system strengthen community cohesion

First-years receive cheaper iPad model

Starting the second year of HC 2.0, HC’s college-provided student technology has had an adjustment this year. First-year and incoming transfer students received iPad Airs (2019) instead of 2018 iPad Pros (11”), for reasons including but not exclusively because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Price and usage were the major factors that led to the purchase of iPad Airs. At most retail outlets, iPad Airs are … Continue reading First-years receive cheaper iPad model

Addressing mental health stigma through awareness

Hope120 is a mental health awareness organization on campus that spreads news and provides community for students by facilitating conversations about mental health to end the stigma of mental health. Laura Hurley, Josie Knapp, Holly Bosley and Francisco Arevalo started the group roughly a year ago.  Hope120 was created to make a positive impact on the lives of the people at Hastings College. They are … Continue reading Addressing mental health stigma through awareness

Heckman Recycling Program

Heckman acquires $7,457 grant for new recycling program

Hastings College began the Broncos Recycle! program after chemistry professor Dr. Neil Heckman received a $7,457 grant from PepsiCo. With the grant, bins will be placed in every building on campus, and every dorm and apartment received a trash can and recycling bin. With the program, Heckman hopes to educate the campus on recycling. He heard about the grant when he was visiting with HC’s … Continue reading Heckman acquires $7,457 grant for new recycling program

Changes to CORE 100

The second year of fall CORE100 classes at Hastings College came with a variety of changes and adjustments, both as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and experience from last year. HC reconstructed the introductory courses to be functional with distant classroom arrangements and incoming international students in mandatory isolation and quarantine. The most challenging adjustment was making courses accessible through Google Meet according to … Continue reading Changes to CORE 100

COVID-19 prompts budget cuts

As the pandemic continues to sweep the country, many higher-educational institutions face new decisions regarding their financial situations. With an unexpected estimated $1 million loss from expenses and refunds related to COVID-19 on top of prior loans, Hastings College has had to rethink its financial strategy going forward this academic year.   With COVID-19 expenses including personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and cleaning supplies, … Continue reading COVID-19 prompts budget cuts

SA Senate waiting on final amount for this semester’s budget

The Hastings College Student Association Senate held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, where $19,444 was requested of the estimated $70,000 funds. Senate is still waiting on a final total of available funds. The executive cabinet retroactively requested $3,050 for events held earlier in the semester, such as paint wars and grocery bag bingo. The banquet committee requested $7,750 for planning homecoming. The … Continue reading SA Senate waiting on final amount for this semester’s budget