Notability Auto-Backup Feature

The app Notability has a good backup feature that you should be utilizing. Most everything on your iPad will be stored in your iCloud or Google Drive account, but Notability needs to be set up in order to automatically backup your notes. To do this, go into your Notability app. Locate the settings icon on the bottom left. Next, choose the Auto-Backup section and select … Continue reading Notability Auto-Backup Feature

Air Drop Functionality

AirDropping is a fantastic way to quickly share a document outside of Google Drive with someone. AirDropping allows you to securely connect to another person’s iPad and share a file with them. To do this you need to first enable Airdrop in your settings. Go to settings and locate the “general” tab. Once in “general,” there will be an “AirDrop” menu item on the right. … Continue reading Air Drop Functionality