Hastings College Lecture Series presents Innovation

Hastings College had many speakers on campus this last week for the annual Hastings College Lecture Series (HCLS). The speakers ranged from an LGBTQ historian to a competitive eater and New Yorkers to Nebraskans. They all came to the college to speak on the Student Symposium’s topic of innovation. These speakers touched on different topics, but all involved a central theme of innovation. The first … Continue reading Hastings College Lecture Series presents Innovation

“Brainstorm” cast plays themselves

Hastings College’s first theater production of the year, “Brainstorm,” is showing this weekend at the Scott Studio Theatre. The show is directed by Sarah Nottage-Tacey, adjunct professor of theater, and was done in collaboration with the Department of Visual Arts. The show tells the audience about the teenage brain and development, highlighting the importance of the 86 billion neurons forming connections within the forming brains. … Continue reading “Brainstorm” cast plays themselves