HC students go international

Close to half of Hastings College’s sophomore students will be traveling during block five, which begins on March 2. They will go to Ireland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. This is a requirement within the new curriculum at HC, as part of the CORE. The Institute of Study Abroad Ireland will be hosting the students traveling to Ireland, where they will visit Londonderry, “Derry.” … Continue reading HC students go international

Kevin Toner looks back at time at HC

Contrary to the general excitement at the prospect of the school year’s end, Kevin Toner, a foreign exchange student from Northern Ireland, isn’t ready to head home on May 17. The computer science major that attends Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) in Northern Ireland has enjoyed his year at HC. Toner didn’t plan on spending the year at Hastings College when he chose his top three … Continue reading Kevin Toner looks back at time at HC