Recognition for professors’ work is overdue

The past year and a half has been challenging for Hastings College. Students are frustrated by having to throw out their four-year plan. Administrators are working out the rewriting of procedures of long-held standards. However, today I want to focus on the brains of HC: the professors. The amount of work you have done for HC in the last year has gone mostly unnoticed, and … Continue reading Recognition for professors’ work is overdue

Send opinions; this is our second request

Hi, my name is Jarad Johnson. You might recognize me as the person who writes stories for the Collegian, but two weeks ago I was in an editorial piece about how we need opinions. In that piece, Caitlin Smith mentioned how I was among one of the limited people that have written opinions for the Collegian this semester. Well, funny — look what I am … Continue reading Send opinions; this is our second request

Dear students: Your “only option” is to engage

Our campaign slogan, “The Only Option,” began as a joke but has materialized into an unfortunate truth. Though we are honored to be your next president and vice president of Student Association (SA), we wanted to earn our positions, not just win by default. On one hand, we are grateful for the opportunity to represent our peers and help create change. On the other hand, running unopposed highlighted the lack of student involvement on campus. Recently, there has been criticism of … Continue reading Dear students: Your “only option” is to engage

Facebook Security Breach

You may have noticed that Facebook logged you out on Tuesday, requiring you to sign in before you could start scrolling through your feeds. That’s because on Sept. 25, another breach of security occurred to the online giant. This breach follows the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year in which 87 million people had their information stolen. This breach affected 50 million as of Oct. … Continue reading Facebook Security Breach

Banning plastic straws

In July of 2018, Starbucks announced that they will not be using plastic straws in any of their products after 2020. Starbucks joins a list of companies and cities, including Seattle, Washington, to ban single-use plastic straws. The purpose of banning plastic straws is to reduce the amount of waste polluting oceans. Naturally though, this new legislation is receiving major pushback from companies that make … Continue reading Banning plastic straws

The Collegian strives to be the best

Last year, Hastings College announced changes that would affect every student planning to graduate after May 2019. These changes included a complete redesign of the academic calendar, changes to the liberal arts program and new opportunities for off-campus study. In addition, a campus-wide survey highlighted the problem of sexual violence on campus. For many, this information sparked frustration, worry and uncertainty in the HC community. … Continue reading The Collegian strives to be the best