Community comes together with help from the Steinhart Plaza

The Steinhart Plaza dedication on Oct. 4 at 11 a.m. marked a physical location for the local and global community to come together. The plaza is highlighted by 20 international flags and a memorial garden to Pamela ‘Pam’ Osborne, late mother of board of trustees member Justin Osborne. Members of the Hastings College community came to dedicate the plaza on the same plot of land … Continue reading Community comes together with help from the Steinhart Plaza

HC Theater puts on “Omnium Gatherum” play

The Hastings College theater arts department has two of their members experiencing new roles for their play “Omnium Gatherum” this week. Sophomore Amelia Amicarella is the show’s assistant director and dramaturg, and Dr. Kara Wooten, visiting assistant professor of theatre, is filling the role of fight director and tech supervisor in her first year at HC. The job of a dramaturg is to ensure the … Continue reading HC Theater puts on “Omnium Gatherum” play

Studio 200 introduces new visual journaling activity

In Studio 200, students are able to practice a form of meditation that does not involve quietly sitting in one spot for an extended period of time. Instead, students can create a personal piece of work to either express themselves, relieve stress or simply have fun through visual journaling. “Visual journaling is taking pieces of magazines, books, papers, and other materials and putting them together … Continue reading Studio 200 introduces new visual journaling activity

HC Art Department hosts annual Mural Day

The Hastings College Art Department hosted it’s annual Mural Day for high school students on Sept. 14, with 177 students participating from 26 schools. This year they saw a rise in participants with four more schools and at least 40 more students than last year. The rise can be attributed to more interest as word has spread, earlier notice and increased planning. Mural Day was … Continue reading HC Art Department hosts annual Mural Day

Pet Picnic

Hasting’s College’s first “pet picnic party and concert by the creek” was held on Wednesday, September 12, between the Hazelrigg Student Union (HSU) and the Gray Center. Students came to eat food, play yard games, listen to musical performances and enjoy the weather as all classes were cancelled for Assessment Day. The event was organized by Kimberly Milovac, director of first-year experience, and Dr. Barbara … Continue reading Pet Picnic

Paint Wars returns, glow party next semester

One of Hastings College’s most popular events, Paint Wars, took place Sept. 1. Student Association (SA) hosted the color festivity for all students to get outside and become a canvas themselves. Paint Wars is an popular, annual event that takes place in the fall where water balloons and water guns are filled with various colors of paint, along with a colorful slip-n-slide. Though the weather … Continue reading Paint Wars returns, glow party next semester

Fire Circle sparks understanding

Beginning last semester, students started to hold “fire circle,” an outcome of the listening sessions started by the campus climate and culture task force. The fire circles are a way for students to gather and discuss the culture on campus in an open and accepting atmosphere. The fire circle is structured in the circle way method. The circle way is a method of discussion designed … Continue reading Fire Circle sparks understanding

MacKay and 915 declared offline

Within the past few weeks, students have been making themselves at home both on and off campus, but not in every housing facility option. Bronco Village apartment 915 and honors house MacKay have been declared offline for the 2018-2019 school year due to structural updates. Though 915’s overall structure was not in a unlivable shape, Hastings College had enough space to place all residents in … Continue reading MacKay and 915 declared offline