Apple updates “Widgets”

If you’re having trouble with this feature let the Helpdesk know by emailing If you have a tip you want to share or think your peers should know, please submit them to Apple recently released its iOS 14 update. One of the most notable changes is the addition of customizable, on-screen widgets. These widgets are replacing the content in the “Today view.” The … Continue reading Apple updates “Widgets”

iPad “Speak Selection” Feature

Your iPad can read most text to you. This is a feature called “Speak Selection.” You can enable this feature by going into Settings>Accessibility>Spoken Content>Speak Selection. In order to utilize this feature, you highlight a selection of text and then tap once on the highlighted portion. A menu will appear above the highlighted portion, and you will select “Speak.” There are other options on the … Continue reading iPad “Speak Selection” Feature

iPad “Floating Keyboard” Feature

The size and location of your on-screen keyboard is  customizable by utilizing the floating keyboard feature. Use this feature by having the keyboard visible on the screen and then pinching inward with two fingers on the keyboard. Now, drag the keyboard to any location on the screen. To undo this setting, you will do the same pinch with two fingers over the keyboard, except this … Continue reading iPad “Floating Keyboard” Feature

Air Drop Functionality

AirDropping is a fantastic way to quickly share a document outside of Google Drive with someone. AirDropping allows you to securely connect to another person’s iPad and share a file with them. To do this you need to first enable Airdrop in your settings. Go to settings and locate the “general” tab. Once in “general,” there will be an “AirDrop” menu item on the right. … Continue reading Air Drop Functionality