Pumroy holds hope for season in midst of virus concerns

While navigating through the unknowns of COVID-19, second-year Athletic Director B.J. Pumroy remains confident that the protocols and precautions put in place by the Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) and Hastings College will be a success. “I feel very confident. We’ve worked with our Health District; we’ve worked with the governor’s phasing of operations,” Pumroy said. “Within the GPAC, we’ve worked together as all 12 … Continue reading Pumroy holds hope for season in midst of virus concerns

Changes to CORE 100

The second year of fall CORE100 classes at Hastings College came with a variety of changes and adjustments, both as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and experience from last year. HC reconstructed the introductory courses to be functional with distant classroom arrangements and incoming international students in mandatory isolation and quarantine. The most challenging adjustment was making courses accessible through Google Meet according to … Continue reading Changes to CORE 100

Colleges battling the virus

As the 2020–21 school year begins, institutions across the country — and the world — have been forced to make last-minute changes to policies to keep their physical and digital doors open. In some cases, the economic impacts from the pandemic are too devastating.  For small institutions, the loss of income from sports and decreased enrollment has proved damaging. As the Big Ten schools announced … Continue reading Colleges battling the virus

Collegian to publish online until further notice

We would like to officially welcome everyone to and back to Hastings College for this academic school year. In experiencing one month of school during an international pandemic which closed our campus in March, we have been further introduced to an education made virtual alongside the typical practices of college classes and life. With this, we as students, faculty and staff of this campus, along … Continue reading Collegian to publish online until further notice

Life at HC in the midst of the virus

As students take classes in person, Hastings College is maintaining a set list of protocols and guidelines for the community. Each week, an email is sent out by Brady Rhodes, HC COVID-19 case manager, with the current statistics of confirmed, active and isolated cases. As of Sept. 16, there were 10 “individuals in isolation waiting for test results or symptom abatement.”  When students are quarantined, … Continue reading Life at HC in the midst of the virus

Administration decide faculty, staff cuts

With administrative members making decisions on Hastings College’s operating costs for this current school year, this included multiple faculty and staff lay-offs.  Due to increased spending and decreased income, overall budget cuts to academic divisions came in the form of decreased departmental operating budgets, position terminations and layoffs of staff and non-tenured faculty based off of data collected by the administration. The decisions were made … Continue reading Administration decide faculty, staff cuts

Mary Lanning and Bryan plan merger amid Lloyd’s arrival

On Aug. 13, it was announced in a press release that Hastings College and Bryan College of Health Science (BCHS) will be collaborating with Mary Lanning Healthcare (MLH) regarding the development of a new medical and nursing program.  This collaboration was mutually agreed upon after a year of related planning regarding separate partnerships. Dr. Rich Lloyd is serving as Hastings College’s new executive president while … Continue reading Mary Lanning and Bryan plan merger amid Lloyd’s arrival

SA Senate waiting on final amount for this semester’s budget

The Hastings College Student Association Senate held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, where $19,444 was requested of the estimated $70,000 funds. Senate is still waiting on a final total of available funds. The executive cabinet retroactively requested $3,050 for events held earlier in the semester, such as paint wars and grocery bag bingo. The banquet committee requested $7,750 for planning homecoming. The … Continue reading SA Senate waiting on final amount for this semester’s budget

COVID-19 prompts budget cuts

As the pandemic continues to sweep the country, many higher-educational institutions face new decisions regarding their financial situations. With an unexpected estimated $1 million loss from expenses and refunds related to COVID-19 on top of prior loans, Hastings College has had to rethink its financial strategy going forward this academic year.   With COVID-19 expenses including personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and cleaning supplies, … Continue reading COVID-19 prompts budget cuts

Committed to comm”U”nity

A message from your SA President- and Vice President-Elect As your newly elected Student Association (SA) president and vice president, DaeRon and I are dedicating ourselves to our Hastings College community, past, present and future. Right now, more than ever, we need to support one another and stay united. We will continue to take care of each other and get through this together as one … Continue reading Committed to comm”U”nity