2021 SA elections utilize online media

As of this week, voting has opened to decide this year’s Student Association (SA) Executive Cabinet. Voting is open until April 11, and if needed a second vote will start on April 15, both via Google Forms. 

Both sets of candidates have unique visions for what HC can do to make students feel engaged and included, and have a range of prior experience. 

2020-2021 SA Vice President DaeRon Jones, a communications major, is running for SA President with biochemistry major and current SA Secretary Jaqueline Gilbert as his Vice President. Both juniors see their potential positions as a way to improve HC’s diversity and inclusion, and as a way to get students involved with decisions on campus.

 “There have been issues with society this year that the school brushed off, basically sent an email to be done with it. We don’t think that’s necessarily the case, just there’s certain ways we go about things, but we want to address this and essentially make people feel a bit more safe,” Jones said. 

Experience from previously serving on the SA cabinet allows them to have unique insight on what’s needed to support the college and its students. 

“I love to see what other people are bringing to the table and collaborate. If only one person has the say, that can be in the wrong direction. Using everyone else’s input is really important,” Gilbert said. 

The second set of candidates is theater major Chase Rath and nursing major and psychology minor Tony Simone. Both first years are running to support student leadership and job positions on campus. 

“I’m really hoping to open up new opportunities, not just for myself but the others around me, and that students can be benefited in the long run and expand on those opportunities to support goals in the future,” Rath said. 

Although both are first years, Rath and Simone are respectively involved in media and arts on campus and hope to bring a new perspective to the SA with focus on supporting student organizations and unity across campus.

Many events from last spring until now have shifted online, and the SA cabinet elections are no exception.Candidate platform presentations were open to an audience in the Wilson Center on the night of March 31st, but the campaigning process immediately prior to the elections also included interviews and debates hosted on Rogers’s YouTube channel and on the student activities website