MacKay and 915 declared offline

Within the past few weeks, students have been making themselves at home both on and off campus, but not in every housing facility option. Bronco Village apartment 915 and honors house MacKay have been declared offline for the 2018-2019 school year due to structural updates.

Though 915’s overall structure was not in a unlivable shape, Hastings College had enough space to place all residents in the other five apartments, leaving 915 unoccupied and available for maintenance to fix up. Structural updates include more up-to-date appliances, HVAC coil systems and overall refreshing of the systems. If capacity allows, another apartment will be chosen to be taken offline for the next school year for structural updates.

“Those facilities were put in place in the early 2000s, and we haven’t been able to do a deep dive into those maintenance-wise, so it gives them an opportunity to do that,” said Residence Life Director Chandra Essex. “If down the road we need the space we’ll use it.”

As for the MacKay house, rumors have been spreading that the house is offline due to asbestos, but according to Essex, this rumor is false. After an evaluation of the house over the summer, it was determined that the house needed to be taken offline for maintenance to provide safer living conditions by repairing holes and updating staircases.

“Overtime it’s just been worn down, and we’ve heard from students over the past few years who have lived in there that certain things need updated,” Essex said. “We were just at a point occupancy-wise where we can make that change happen and work with those students. MacKay just needs some love, and that’s what we’re doing.”

MacKay will be online for the next school year, and other honors houses will be evaluated as far as structure and if the facility is in good living condition for the HC community.