All College Awaits 54th Celebration – Friday Holiday To Be First In Fourteen Years

On Nov. 23, 1937, Staff Writer Ralph Jollensten wrote about the upcoming festivities and events taking place during the week of Thanksgiving. Depending on the outcome of the football season and if the Broncos claimed their championship title would decide the need for a celebration during the Thanksgiving feast.

More students than in any previous year will go home after Thanksgiving makes its 54th appearance at Hastings College Thursday. 

No school Friday–lots of fun, as the ancient ode goes, is the main contributing factor to the departure. This will be the first bonafide holiday on the Friday following Turkey day that Bronco students enjoyed since 1923 when a holiday was declared as a result of the winning of the first football championship by the Broncos.

However, again as in recent years, the day will be crowded with activities for the Bronco student body. Inaugurating the day’s festivities will be the annual Y.W. Y.M. candle-light chapel services at 7:45.

Lacey, Pfeiffer to Sing

There will be songs by Janice Lacey, sophomore, and Mr. William Pfeiffer, voice instructor, Norma Cope, senior, and Lorene Carpenter, freshman, will speak. Shortly after in Bellevue house the annual Thanksgiving day breakfast, also under the joint supervision of the Y.W. and Y.M., will take place. There will be no breakfast at Taylor hall. 

Highlights of the day will be the annual Hastings-Wesleyan conflict on Hansen field at 2:45 p .m. The event will be the 14th anniversary of a game that halted fifthteen years of Wesleyan supremacy on the grid-iron. 

Midland’s recent defeat at the hands of Doane now makes it possible for the Broncos to secure their tenth conference championship, provided they take their final contest. Last year the Thanksgiving game was also the deciding factor in the championship race, but this year Wesleyan can not possibly take first place. If the Broncos beat Wesleyan, they win the championship; if they lose, Doane takes the championship.

Will Serve Guests

Guests will be served at the annual Turkey dinner in Taylor dining hall Thursday evening. To date 15 turkeys have been invited to add “ympf” to the festival–which will be a celebration if the Broncos cop the football title.

“However, I may have to get more,” states Mrs. G. A. Hoffman, dining hall matron.