Annual cell phone film fest brings in only one entry

On Oct. 29, Hastings College had its 7th annual cell-phone film fest in the Wilson Auditorium at 8 p.m. This year, Juniors Kelli Brichacek, Tyler Huntsman, Luke Liffengren and Senior Basil Rabayda created the only film submitted this fall. Being the only group to enter, they won first place and a $200 prize. This is their second year in a row winning first place. 

Their mini-film was created with nothing but their cell phones. They were given 48 hours to create a film with a required theme and prop given to them by Professor Eric Tucker. The theme was forbidden knowledge and the prop was a deck of cards.

“Our film is about how fate is inevitable no matter what you do. You have to deal with the cards you are dealt. Despite not knowing the rules of the game, we all have to play the game,” said Rabayda. “The film is basically about the God of Death who chooses who he kills. He could be a serial killer, but we don’t know. It’s about all the death that transpires because of the cards that he has drawn.”

The group titled their film “For Elise.” All four members of the group acted in the short film with a short appearance by Junior Amelia Amicarella. The film tells the story of a detective who investigates three different murders.

Brichacek, who plays a detective in the film, and Rabayda, who plays a murder victim, want to continue acting after their time here at HC. Huntsman, who plays a thief who gets killed, plans to be a voice actor, and Liffengren, who plays an artist who dies in his studio due to his smoking habit, plans on being a film director. They all have plans of working in the film industry, and enjoy the film fest event.

“We like making film. We’re in the middle of making another movie that is just for fun,” said Liffengren.

The event was originally supposed to be held at the Lark on Wednesday Oct. 30, but since only one group submitted a video this fall causing the event to be moved to a smaller location at a different time. The film fest event was moved to the first meeting of HC’s Inaugural Film Club, which will be meeting every month from now on. Dr. Eric Kennedy is the faculty sponsor for the new club and introduced the group and their film.

Another cell-phone film fest will be held during the spring semester. More details about the contest will be released closer to the deadline.