Binge Trivia tests students’ expertise

A new addition to Hastings College’s activity roster is Binge Trivia nights, a result of a collaborative effort on the part of Student Activities to hold more inclusive events that appeal to a wider variety of students. Binge Trivia nights are scheduled on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and have been hosted in the Hazelrigg Student Union and Daugherty Student Engagement Center, each night themed around a popular TV show that is announced prior to the event. 

“During my time as a student, a lot of events were obviously sports competitions or the big events for the whole campus, and we really just want more events that will appeal to different people,” said Coordinator of Student Activities Beth Simoens. 

Binge Trivia nights are a solution that allows HC to host smaller, more accessible competitive events while still being open and understanding of students’ schedules.

“We try to space trivia nights out and pick shows in ways that won’t affect students’ studies, since it is ‘binge’ trivia and some people do want to watch all of the show before competing,” Simoens said.

Along with just being shows that a lot of college students are likely to have watched or have an interest in watching, some of the shows picked for Binge Trivia have fit a theme. The first binge trivia night was based on “Friends” since it was close to the show’s 25th anniversary. For the week of Halloween, “Stranger Things” was chosen to base the trivia night off of. The show picked for the most recent trivia night was all 15 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

According to Simoens, the shows for the remaining trivia night themes will most likely be picked based on student votes.

Questions can come from any part of the show and be focused on any detail, not just storyline or character information. The first three rounds are traditional, but the fourth and final round is a high-stakes “confidence round” — participants get the list of questions for that round on a sheet of paper and write how confident they are that the answer is correct on a scale of one to 10, and that number will be how many points they either gain or lose. 

Participating students were required to sign up in advance and have teams of up to four students for the first Binge Trivia night; however, for all other trivia nights student registration was not required. 

“Trivia’s been great. It’s a lot of fun because we always have a staff team that participates. Laura Arnold leads that team, and even if it’s a show she doesn’t know hardly anything about, she still puts in 110 percent. It’s been a lot of fun to watch students compete with so many well-known staff people in this community of campus,” Simoens said. 

Attendance has been good so far, and Simoens will continue hosting trivia nights for the rest of the year until attendance drops. At that point, Simoens said the event might become a more traditional trivia competition if people like the structure of the trivia event but the “binge” theme is too restrictive.