Block 3 check-in survey results

On Nov. 20, 977 students were invited, via email, to participate in a “Block 3 Check-in” survey which could be accessed through Canvas or a direct link sent invitational until Nov. 22. Administered through EvaluationKIT, the college was able to gather responses regarding academics, activities and the environment on campus from 435 students out of the 977 invited. A summary of the results was emailed by Kristin Charles, associate vice president of analytic support & institutional effectiveness, on Dec. 12.

Student respondents from varying class levels, departments, divisions, activities, gender, and resident/commuter status were provided five multiple-choice questions, consisting of answers in the format of “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.” An additional anonymous comment section was provided if needed, data being separated into positive and negative comment themes. Overall, responses expressed 71 to 77 percent of students responding positively. 

Academic theme responses included general positive feedback and overlapping positive and negative themes about pace/workload/learning and professors/instructors. Positive comments convey that students have been enjoying having fewer classes in depth with helpful and supportive professors/instructors while having a good experience. On the other hand, negative comments express how students feel that the block schedule is disorganized with professors cramming 16 weeks into seven, creating stress to keep up in too little time. 

Activity theme responses included 110 positive comments and 12 negative. With so few negative comments, no themes were found. Positive comments show students have been enjoying activities such as athletic or other varieties of events that are engaging, fun and a chance to meet new people. 

Similar to negative activity theme responses, negative environment comments were few, with no themes found. With 111 positive comments, students found the environment of HC campus to center around the people and how they create a welcoming community with their support and friendliness. 

According to Charles’ email, additional opportunities to provide feedback and a more thorough survey at the end of the year will be available in the future.