Boesen replaces Simoens as student activities coordinator

Bryan Boesen is the new Student Activities Coordinator this year to replace Beth Simoens. As the former football coach and a current student getting his master’s degree, he has lots of experience with the Hastings College community and is excited to create more events that will unite the students on campus. 

The Student Activities Coordinator is in charge of organizing and running all of the events that happen on campus, from large events to small student activities. Additionally, he works with and advises the members of the Student Association.

“I am in charge of pretty much all of the activities that go on on campus, so like the big one’s people think of… Homecoming, Boars Head, May Fete, Bronco Bash… and some of the smaller ones…like Free Movie night…really anything that I come up with or students come up with that students can be involved with,” Boesen said.

Boesen was previously a football coach for three seasons and is in the process of getting his master’s degree in physical and health education. He began as a graduate assistant in 2018, and was promoted as a full-time coach for the next two years. This year, due to changes in coaching staff he was no longer able to work with the football team, but instead filled the position of SAC. He believes that his connection with the campus community will be beneficial to his new role.

“The connections that I have to the rest of campus, especially being in the athletics realm for the past three years, (is) a big connection that I have to get athletes involved on campus and to get their ideas and bringing all of campus together,” Boesen said.

One of his main goals is to increase involvement around campus and encourage people to attend activities or attempt something out of their comfort zone. Since the pandemic is ongoing, he wants to make sure that all safety precautions are being met while still attempting to create a small feeling of normalcy to this unique college experience.

“I know it’s been difficult this year in a COVID-19 world, so (I want) to get people involved in general… and to do the best we can to create a normal college environment. I know that especially the older kids, sophomores, juniors and seniors, have experienced college in a completely different way than the freshmen here, as this is the only way they have experienced college. So, I want to give them a somewhat normal experience,” Boesen said.

Boesen said he is most excited about having more flexibility in his schedule and being able to plan events for the campus community. However, he worries about the lack of attendance at events and knows that although he cannot force people to attend, he can do his best to encourage people to come out and try something new. 

If students have any suggestions or ideas, they can fill out the form on the top of the What’s Up email or by reaching out to him via email at