The new campus connect desk is in HSU where the IT Helpdesk used to be.

Campus Connect Desk becomes hub for questions

A new feature to this academic school year that students and visitors of Hastings College will see immediately when entering the Hazelrigg Student Union (HSU) is the Campus Connect Desk. In previous years, that location had been the home of the Information Technology helpdesk, which moved to Perkins Library.

The desk was initiated by Director of First-Year Experience Kimberly Milovac to be a central hub for any questions that students might have about the college. The connect desk is to make it easier for students to get answers about the college or direct students to other people on campus who would be better to ask. 

“If we don’t have the answer, we can help you find someone who does. We are right out in the open because asking questions should be an easy and normal thing,” said Sophomore Avery Muff. 

The connect desk is staffed by Student Association (SA) officers and senators, with a few exceptions — Muff being one of them due to previous experience working with Milovac. This serves as a way to make sure students representatives are informing the student population and senators are approachable figures on campus.

“The SA senate board asked us, senators, to work the desk so the students can see us out in public. It is a way to announce our presence to the student body. There was concern last year that the students couldn’t recognize the senators, and this is a way to achieve that and get some experience out in public. Answering questions while being so new to campus myself is kind of an intriguing way of getting to know others,” said Transfer Student Senator Jora Jackson-Brown. 

The helpdesk is one part of the ongoing process in making the campus more connected, and informed.

The desk is normally staffed during open hours in HSU. The Campus Connect Team can also be reached by text messaging
(402) 205-0611.