Movie Review: “Dear Evan Hansen” (spoilers!)

The movie rendition of the popular Broadway musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ was released in theatres on September 24 to varying acclaim and critical opinion. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see Hollywood’s take on this influential musical. Like many musical lovers, I was very hesitant to see the movie rendition of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. They kept Ben Platt as the main character Evan Hansen (thank goodness) … Continue reading Movie Review: “Dear Evan Hansen” (spoilers!)

“The Devil All the Time” Review

In light of a global pandemic, it can be disheartening going nearly an entire year without any new blockbuster films. We’ve all had to adapt and it seems our favorite A-listers have made their move to the small-screen, most notably in the way of Netflix originals. The latest to come down the pipe is the highly anticipated “The Devil All the Time,” directed by Antonio … Continue reading “The Devil All the Time” Review