Cell Phone Film Fest Screening at the Lark

A collage of student-made films was shown at The Lark on March 5 at 7 p.m. for the sixth annual Cell Phone Film Festival. Eight different films were presented and all were made in less than 48 hours. To add to the challenge, all footage had to be captured through only a cell phone.

In keeping up with the film festival’s tradition, students had to incorporate a given theme and prop. This year’s theme was “the edge” and the prop was a clock. Students had the freedom to create whatever genre of film they wanted to do, as long as it included the specific theme and prop.

Prizes were awarded for first place, second place and honorable mention. The films were judged by faculty. An audience choice award was also given at the event, voted on by paper ballot.

“El Borde and Le Bord,” directed by Sophomore Luke Liffengren, took first place. They received a cash prize of $200. The film also won the audience choice award and the team got five Rivoli Theatre tickets.

“Shut up, Hanz,” directed by First-Year Tyler Dietrich, took second place and received a $100 cash prize.

“Over the Brink,” directed by Senior Jarad Johnson took honorable mention and got five Rivoli Theatre tickets.

When asked where they got the idea for the film, Liffengren said, “We were at Tommy’s (a diner in Grand Island, Nebraska) and said ‘what if we do this and this and this.’ We threw all those ideas down on a napkin.” Other supporting members included Basil Rabayda, junior, Amelia Amicarella, sophomore, Tyler Huntsman, sophomore and Kelli Brichacek, sophomore.

Many genres of film were depicted throughout the event. Some included classic action movies with slapstick fight scenes. The films were comical and serious, while also covering topics such as depression and insomnia.