Collegian to publish online until further notice

We would like to officially welcome everyone to and back to Hastings College for this academic school year. In experiencing one month of school during an international pandemic which closed our campus in March, we have been further introduced to an education made virtual alongside the typical practices of college classes and life. With this, we as students, faculty and staff of this campus, along with others across the country, are also navigating the physical restrictions of the pandemic while attending school and taking part in all that it may offer us. 

In the months between first notice of the virus to now, we have witnessed the entire transfer to online interactions and coursework, the changes of our campus environment, people no longer physically with us on our journeys here and the condition of new modes of protection in order to maintain our presence on campus. We are not far removed from an entirely digital world, but still require to have some sense of physical lives at a place we all continuously come together at.

All of these things — the nuances of what college is at HC and what it is now in the time of COVID-19 — are what the Collegian reports on. However, in a digital format this year.

The Collegian, HC’s student-led newspaper, is one of the college’s oldest student organizations on campus. Its archives and records hold a vast majority of the college’s history, one that we continuously add to with every issue that comes out. Our staff was trained on the fact that we were delivering news to its constituents but learned that, arguably more importantly, that we are recording our histories for this institution. That one day, at least one person will look back to what HC once was; or that it was something at all.

While we are “recording” this year or reporting, we are noting these recent changes in our lives and adapting to current situations. Due to the pandemic and its restrictions, we have decided to move forward with a solely-online publication in order to mitigate any chance of spreading the virus through physical papers. The Collegian will be available weekly to students, faculty, staff and the larger HC community via iPads and online, as well as through our social media locations.

We thank you for supporting our work to continue production and writing the news here.