Collegian will continue to cover news as always

Hastings College is officially done with a month of classes. This also means students are one month into adjusting to a host of changes: a new curriculum, the block system, digital textbooks, iPad Pros and new locations for staff, just to name a few. After spending a summer collectively holding our breath as we waited to see what happened, HC has moved into this new era.

While the school year continues to progress, the Collegian is here to cover that progression. The Collegian is actually going to cover it, not as propaganda but as real news. Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t here to bash everything that Hastings College has to offer, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stand up and say something when it’s warranted. There’s going to be both good and bad outcomes of this change; but not all of these changes are necessarily known yet. That’s what we want to cover. It’s important that the student body and campus as a whole has the chance to be informed.  

Throughout the year, the Collegian will continue to highlight leadership, Student Association senate meetings, all-campus events, sports, speakers and features like we have always done, but this first year will likely involve many stories on the progression of HC 2.0 – now just HC. 

The Collegian wants to know what you – students, faculty and staff – actually think, actually feel about HC now and what this truly means for the future of HC. 

What we are going to report on also depends on you. The Collegian strives to be open and current on what campus deems important issues and events athand. The Collegian has a larger staff this year, but that doesn’t mean we are privy to all of the going-ons throughout campus. Last year, we wrote multiple articles on student involvement and opinions pieces begging for someone to submit an opinion or letter to the editor. Now, we are asking that you also help us keep up with what’s happening on campus in general. In order to report on important issues, we need to be made aware of what the important issues are.

This year, the cover of the Collegian says it is the 123rd volume. Collegian has covered news since 1885 and we will continue to do that as long as HC continues to care about being informed.