Committed to comm”U”nity

A message from your SA President- and Vice President-Elect

As your newly elected Student Association (SA) president and vice president, DaeRon and I are dedicating ourselves to our Hastings College community, past, present and future. Right now, more than ever, we need to support one another and stay united. We will continue to take care of each other and get through this together as one Bronco family.

We promise to be there for you. We have so many cool projects that we are looking forward to executing next year. We will be enhancing the SA’s media presence. We are constantly updating the SA website and brainstorming activities that everyone can participate in, so be on the lookout for new content! We are excited about the opportunity to partner and support a variety of student initiatives. Together we will create memorable events and programs. Our hope is to draw people out of their rooms, both literally and figuratively, to encourage participation of all groups and people. We are planning to increase student access to HC swag so that when people see us, they know we are Broncos! Last year, part of the SA Executive Cabinet’s mission was to turn our focus on what it means to be a Bronco. This year, we will continue to expand that definition. 

We are honored and grateful to have been voted into the positions of SA president and vice president. We want you to know that we take very seriously the fact that you have entrusted us to lead the student body during this difficult time. When we all come back together everything will be different, but the one thing that will have not changed is the fact that we are all Broncos. Right now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community. We are experiencing a moment in history that gives us a unique opportunity. We will respond in creative ways that will make our community even stronger. 

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world right now. None of us expected that our freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year would be cut short. We couldn’t have known that we would miss out on making memories at Bronco Bash, May Fete and graduation. It kind of feels like the lives we had been living on campus were put on pause, and we can’t be sure when our lives as Broncos will resume. But that doesn’t mean that HC, our friendships, our memories and our identities as Broncos cease to exist. HC is still our home and it waits to welcome us back.

Recently, I found myself awake at four in the morning, unable to sleep. I had so many ideas and feelings that were keeping me awake. I was scared and nervous about my own future and what life would be like over the next couple of months, but I also felt challenged; challenged to take what I have learned so far during my time at HC to make next year the best yet. I want to improve our special corner of the world. I want to bring ideas to life that will help us to remain connected and to grow our diverse and amazing community.

Right now, after so many changes and so much time away from campus, it’s easy to feel disappointed, scared and unsure. As your SA leaders, we invite you all to think not only about how this crisis cut short our school year but also how we can take back those moments and make the most out of the upcoming school year. 

What makes HC great is that it is a reflection of the entire student body, faculty, staff and alumni. I think our HC community is fearless, caring, stubborn, always growing and most of all resilient. I truly believe that there is nothing we can’t get through together. This might be the biggest challenge HC has ever faced, but I believe in my fellow Broncos and I know that together we will face whatever comes with grace, tenacity and kindness. Personally, this situation has taught me a lot, but most importantly, I’ve learned not to take things for granted and not to wait to do what needs to be done. 

I want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s unique election, whether you voted for us or not, your participation matters. Thank you for using your voice. DaeRon and I are listening and we can’t wait to serve you!