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The Collegian staff would love to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us. Below is the list of students who are in charge of the different mediums produced by the Collegian. Please keep in mind that our organization is student-run, and our first and foremost priority is school. We will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Online News Website:

The Hastings College Collegian’s online presence is a student-run website that combines articles, photos and videos to offer multimedia news coverage. The site is intended to serve current Hastings College students, as well as alumni and Hastings community members. For more information, please contact:

Print/Newspaper Publication:

The Hastings College Collegian prints a weekly newspaper produced by an all-student staff. The paper brings an in-depth look into the news happening on the Hastings College campus and in the greater Hastings Community. For more information, please contact:

Video News Production:

The Hastings College Collegian oversees a bi-weekly newscast detailing the major happenings on campus. The newscast covers campus and athletic events, issue-based news relevant to Hastings College and arts and entertainment content. For more information, please contact: