Batterson’s Invited Faculty Lecture “Creating a Life”redefines creativity as a skill for a successful life

Business Professor Bruce Batterson was selected by students and faculty to be one of two speakers at the annual Hastings College invited faculty lecture. Batterson entitled his presentation “Creating a Life” and centered the theme around redefining the idea of creativity.

“I think that we limit our understanding of creativity. We think of creativity in terms of artistic pursuits and to me creativity is a lot broader than that. It’s about applying originality and imagination to everything, whether it’s a project, problem, issue or an opportunity,” Batterson said.

Batterson’s biggest point was that creativity is not so much a talent that people are born with, but a skill that can be developed over time.

“I look at creativity as a skill that you can learn, develop, practice and get better at. In that way, I think that anyone can be a creative person. And finally you can apply that creativity in your career and in your personal life and feel like you have a successful life,” Batterson said.

According to Batterson, creativity is a vital part of living a successful life, evidenced by  the way that people respond to challenges and every-day life events.

“Psychologists tell us we cannot control much of what happens to us—all we can control is our response to it. If we are to respond in the most productive and beneficial manner to all of the things that happen to us, good and bad, we will need to apply a lot of creativity,” Batterson said.

As municipal bond lawyer, for the majority of his career Batterson had never thought of the word “creative” when describing himself. Over time his outlook on this subject changed, and Batterson’s creativity was really able to flourish when he switched professions and became a professor.

“As a professor I feel like I am constantly trying to come up with creative ways to help my students understand the topic and creative ways to make things interesting in class. When I switched careers I became more mindful of doing things that were innovative,” Batterson said.

Batterson was grateful for the honor of being chosen to give an Invited Faculty Lecture and excited to take advantage of the opportunity.

“The Invited Faculty Lecture is exciting for me because it is a chance to talk about something that doesn’t always fit with my classes, and a message that I want to share with as many people as I can,” Batterson said.