Cremers records music to empower women

On Sept. 20, Senior Carly Rose Cremers, also known as C.C. Rose, released her debut studio single “My Fairytale,” that she recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, to the public. She premiered her single with a performance at the Chocolate Bar in Grand Island that night, as well as the Stuhr Museum Gala being held the following day. 

Rose got the opportunity to record down in Nashville after winning the Galaxy of Stars competition, a talent show that showcases various talents throughout Nebraska, with her hula-hoop skills back in August 2018. During the show, she met Lynn Adams, an organizer who was raised in Nashville and also has connections with multiple recording studios.

“I’ve continued helping with the program and keeping in touch with her (Adams) about how I was starting to do some solo music in 2018,” Rose said. “and how I wanted to get more serious with wanting to have an actual produced song since everything I’ve ever posted was on my iPhone and on YouTube. I wanted something professional to back me up.”

Adams gave Rose the choice to record in Omaha or with music producer Mark Allen of Benchmark Productions in Nashville. Rose chose the latter.

“I kinda decided, ‘Well, I’ve never been on a plane before,’” Rose said. “I’ve never done anything crazy and adventurous, so I decided to go and just have an experience along the recording by picking the trip to Nashville.”

Rose wrote the track to inspire empowerment and independence among women by using her musical style and writing to invoke the imagery of dreaming about being a princess in a fairytale before realizing how detrimental that vision can be for little girls. She reminisces about how the track helped her grow as a person.

“It was kinda this cathartic thing where I didn’t even realize that I had grown that much to make a statement about ‘No, I’m not that kind of person, I can go and save myself.’ I can do all these things and be who I want to be and I’m capable of that. Once I was done with the song, it was great looking back on it and being like ‘Wow, I wrote that, that’s me and I am that independent person,’” Rose said. 

Growing up, Rose said she was one of those kids that persistently wanted to sing out loud even at two years old, but she would soon discover that she had a gift for songwriting.

“In high school, I came across an alternative rock band made out of high schoolers in my hometown of Columbus, Nebraska,” Rose said. “We started writing songs together and I figured out that songwriting came easily to me. The guitar player could show me a riff and within ten minutes I would have lyrics and a melody and he would be like ‘Are you serious? You heard that riff like twice.’” 

After graduating from Columbus High School, Rose wanted to write and perform her own solo projects, including performing her own interpretation of pop songs at music venues and on her YouTube channel. Even though Rose did not necessarily grow up with folk music, Rose believed that the genre fits in a style that was true to her.

“Folk has a lot of roots in older sounds that people have heard in music for a long time even if it hasn’t been at the proper forefront. I think with this folk revival that’s going on with different bands and how you hear more songs with fiddle or mandolin adds an interesting part to it. It’s coming back out as this interesting, organic sound that I feel like people are really drawn to with that natural side of it.” Rose said.

Rose recorded her track, “My Fairytale,” last August after finishing up this year’s Galaxy of Stars. Rose worked with Allen and his crew to release the track on various digital platforms.

Rose hopes to someday release a full album when she is able to cover the expenses and time that comes with working in a recording studio. Once she earns enough support off of her latest single, Rose said she may create a GoFundMe page down the line to continue working with Benchmark Productions to make the album happen.

“(I) definitely want to release more music,” Rose said, “and I would love to work with the same people I worked with the first one, because the sound that came out of it was something better than even I could have imagined. All the studio musicians and all the magic they added to it was amazing.”

Her new single can be found across a myriad of music streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play, among others. You can also find her cover songs on YouTube under “C.C. Rose.”