Dear students: Your “only option” is to engage

Our campaign slogan, “The Only Option,” began as a joke but has materialized into an unfortunate truth. Though we are honored to be your next president and vice president of Student Association (SA), we wanted to earn our positions, not just win by default. On one hand, we are grateful for the opportunity to represent our peers and help create change. On the other hand, running unopposed highlighted the lack of student involvement on campus. Recently, there has been criticism of student body leaders and organizations that are trying to make a difference on our campus. While expressing criticism is one form of engagement, and is welcome, without any positive community participation, it’s all just noise. We ask you all to be involved and to participate in campus activities and events with us. Let’s come together as Broncos. Let’s agree to be active, engaged and invested students in this community that we are building together. We invite you to join us.

Hastings College is known for having big ideas and opinions, but most of the time there is little follow-through. This mentality is being replaced with the arrival of President Feezell and the appointment of new administration. Following suit, it is now time for the students to step up the game. We invite you to participate in groups like the SA Programming Board, which plans amazing events for the whole student body to enjoy. We call on you to serve as a senator and be the voice of your peers. Step out of your comfort zone, interview for Programming Board, run for Senate or join a club and attend as many events as you can. Our positive participation is the legacy we can leave at Hastings to pave the way for future Broncos. As the current SA President-elect and Vice President-elect of HC, this is what we are about; we want to help usher in this new era of Hastings. Hastings 2.0, the newest initiation of HC, is opening the door for change. This upcoming school year is an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a Bronco; we create the culture here. It is our responsibility.

Going to school at Hastings is more than just being a college student. It is about being a member of a community. Our campus needs students to be active leaders. Being a Bronco means accepting this responsibility. Our primary focus for the upcoming year is to breathe life back into SA and to encourage and support student engagement. We believe that SA is full of potential and we will do more than just approve budgets and plan events. We are eager to continue having conversations that cause a ruckus, so let’s talk. Raise your voices; we are ready to listen. Get engaged and participate. We are ready to work for you, and with you, to make Hastings the best it can be.