Diversity Team holds panel discussion about campus culture

A panel discussion was held by the Diversity Team to discuss the current culture and climate of Hastings College and its students, faculty and staff this past Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 11:45 a.m. in Hazelrigg Student Union rooms A and B. The panel was moderated by Chief Copy Editor Jordan Ismaiel on behalf of the Collegian — Ismaiel is also a member of the Diversity Team.

This panel discussion is part of an ongoing series of future planned panel discussions held by the Diversity Team in order to give the campus community the opportunity to engage in conversations and ask questions on these topics to team members.

         Two prepared questions were asked at the start of the panel discussion, with the first question prepared by the Diversity Team themselves and the second prepared by the Collegian. The following questions came from audience participants and panel members during the course of the discussion.

Ismaiel, as the moderator of the discussion and in order to remain a neutral party to the discussion, did not answer any questions that were asked of the panel and collected questions anonymously if submitted over the course of the discussion.

The panel consisted of Sophomore Lyette Erin; Juniors Zac Charity, Ethan Molifua and Abi Shaw and Dean of Student Engagement Dr. Lisa Smith. 

Topics during the course of discussion covered, but are not limited to, accessibility concerns, diversification of the campus community, sharing ways of accessing information in the future, Title IX operations and training on diversity for the campus community.

Some questions were prompted to be further discussed in future panel discussions, once the Diversity Team has more information and another panel discussion date is set.