Faculty Art Show: Professors create as well as teach – Throwback

Chase Rath – Collegian Reporter

On Nov. 5, 1992, Staff Writer Paige Newman wrote about the diversity of the art pieces being displayed in the art gallery, as well as the lectures from faculty that were to take place in the evening alongside with the art show. This show gave faculty at HC the chance to express their talents in art, as well as teaching inside and outside of the classroom.    

Paige Newman – Staff Writer

Members of the art faculty have works currently on display in the gallery. The show will run through November 20. Gib Neal, chair of the art department, is displaying acrylic paintings. “Painting is something that I do all the time,” he said. Most of his work revolves around abstract concepts, color relationships and synthesis. He has also been studying the works of artist Hans Hoffman, a contemporary abstract expressionist.

“I’m trying to be expressionistic in how I use colors,” Neal said. “Most of the objects in my paintings are still life and are becoming more and more abstract.” 

Turner McGehee divides his work into two main groups. He has been experimenting with color, mainly pastels. He is also displaying several monochromatic pieces, which are mainly black-and-white prints and charcoal drawings. 

“There is definitely a division in my work,” McGehee said. “I’m trying to develop a new stylistic direction. I’m going to try to bring what I’ve learned from my color experiments into my prints.” McGehee is going to focus on this endeavor when he is on sabbatical next semester. 

McGehee said he is very interested in the feral world versus the human-cultured world. “I’m really interested in domesticated animals, because they inhabit both worlds,” he said. “I’d like to find the border between the two worlds and develop some new work.” 

Tom Kreager has three-dimensional works and paintings displayed in the show. His display includes a large number of African masks and reverse glass paintings. “There is a lot of primitive influence in my work,” Kreager said. 

Kreager uses a variety of media in his display. “I like variety. It keeps me thinking,” he said. “I believe that there is a new group of artists who are diversifying and dealing in a lot of different areas.” 

Raelene Schliep, adjunct instructor of art, is displaying a variety of drawings. She is also displaying a weaving as well as some paper and glass pottery. 

The faculty members agree that the quality of the show is exceptional. “This is one of the most dynamic shows I have seen here in terms of the diversity of the directions each artist has taken,” Neal said. “Shows like this are exciting for students because they can see us as artists as well as teachers.” 

Kreager also feels that the quality of the show is outstanding. “This is an excellent show,” he said. “The best of the faculty has been represented. This show could stand up anywhere in the country.” 

McGehee feels that the diversity of the show is very evident. “You can see the divergent approaches to art,” he said. “I also believe that you can pick up on the mutual respect amongst the faculty. It makes for a very positive working environment.” 

Each of the faculty members will present a lecture in conjunction with the show. McGehee presented his yesterday. Kreager will present his lecture on November 11. Neal will wrap up the show with his lecture on November 18. All lectures begin at 7 p.m. in the Steinhart Lounge.