Food4Thought hosts new fall fundraiser

Food4Thought will be hosting a car wash and barbecue fundraiser on Oct. 26 in the Walmart parking lot from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will also be raffle prizes that include JBL speakers, Russ’s Market gift cards and movie tickets. Proceeds will help Food4Thought continue operations until their spring fundraiser. 

In previous years, they hosted a dodgeball event as their fall fundraiser. When other groups in the community started doing similar events, Food4Thought decided to switch it up. The new fundraising idea came when Sophomore Hazel Ashton, Food4Thought director, combined her idea of barbecuing and Food4Thought Advisor Dr. Furrer’s idea of a car wash. 

While the nonprofit has always been open to both the Hastings College campus and Hastings community, Food4Thought is hoping to involve more students this year. Students will get discounts on the food being served and extra raffle tickets.

“We’re actually trying to get more of the college involved this year because not a lot of students interact with Food4Thought since it is an independent nonprofit. So, we are offering some deals for the HC students that come out,” Ashton said. “It’s just to get students more involved.”

This year, Food4Thought is also hoping to send home Crock-Pots to families they serve before Christmas. By knowing that every family has a Crock-Pot, they can pack different types of meals in the future. Food4Thought also applied for grants to help pay for the slow cookers and are waiting for them to go through, which would be close to Christmas time. 

Food4Thought is a nonprofit organization located in Hastings that supplies meals to 105 families within the Hastings Public Schools district, which equates to almost 600 people. It began when education majors realized how food insecurity was affecting their students’ abilities to learn in class. Food4Thought then started as a project that grew into the nonprofit it is today. It serves families of students that are on the free and reduced lunch program. 

The nonprofit packs meals every Sunday night that are then delivered by HC student groups. This helps ensure families have food to eat besides the meals at schools.

Food4Thought is hoping to raise about $3,000 at their fall fundraiser, which is about 10 percent of operating costs. According to Ashton, it takes $375 to feed a family for a whole year. Other costs are covered by grants, Hastings Give Day and local donors.