Greek Life’s Bid Week

With Many changes are being made to Hastings College this year and in the future, Greek life is no exception. This year, the Inter Greek Council (IGC) decided to host a “Bid Week” Sept. 5 to the 12, wrapping up with Bid Day on Sept. 13, instead of the traditional one night event called “Bid Night.”

Traditionally, anyone who is interested in joining Greek life would go to Bid Night. Each fraternity and sorority would get the chance to present themselves to potential rushes while rushes would rotate between each fraternity and sorority. By the end of the event, the rushes would fill out a “bid” for what group they wanted to join.

This year, IGC scrapped the idea of “Bid Night” and turned it into a week-long event with multiple new activities each rush participant could go to.

“The Inter Greek Council hosted Bid Week from Sept. 5-12. During this time, Greek chapters hosted events for potential new members to attend and to get to know what each chapter is about,” said Greek life Advisor, Kara Siedhoff said. “Actual Bid Day was Sept. 13, on Bid Day students came to HSU to submit a bid with their first and second chapter choice.”

To kick off Bid Week,  IGC hosted an event called “Meet the Greeks” where the entire HC Greek community, as rushes alsocame together on the Altman lawn to talk about recruitment details as well as play yard games and volleyball. After Meet the Greeks, an event called “Get the Scoop,” which was essentially just like Bid Night but without the bids. Each fraternity and sorority would give information about their organization to rushes as well as a date for when their mixer would be.

Each Greek organization then put on their mixer in the days that followed, giving each person rushing more of a personal meet and greet with the fraternity or sorority. After that was bid day, held in HSU where each potential rush would fill out their bid for which fraternity or sorority they wanted to join.

These changes were made to try and improve the Greek life on campus and make it easier for more students to get involved due to the amount of opportunities that the week has to offer.

“Each year Greek life and IGC work to improve ourselves,” said Alpha Phi Sigma President Jenna Jaeger. “As a campus with mostly local sororities and fraternities, we get to make more changes and implement new ideas into Greek life.

Some were not sold on the new idea of a week-long event, as poor advertising of the event led to low numbers during the week.

“I do not like these changes. I think we should do the Greek bid in the same way we have in previous years,” said Eta Phi Lambda Co-President Parker Grant.  “We need to make sure everyone knows about the Greek bid event. Freshmen are not the best at checking email, especially when college is just beginning. We need to make a bigger deal about it to them and make sure everyone knows that we do not fit the stereotype of what Greek life is elsewhere.”

While some have had a good response to the change, the number of students interested in joining a Greek chapter did decrease this year compared to last year. This decrease in interest has sparked a debate with IGC on what to do increase those numbers. A spring recruitment week possibility has been looked into.

“The Inter Greek Council has talked about having another recruitment week and bid day in the spring to increase membership numbers,” Siedhoff said.

Greek life at HC is here to stay, but more changes could be coming in the years to come.