HC professors aid in community sex-ed panel

Hastings College professors Dr. Eleanor Reeds, assistant professor of English, and Dr. Laura Logan, associate professor of sociology, will be a part of an adult sexual education panel and conversations taking place this Thursday, Sept. 5 at 6:30 p.m., at The Lark in Downtown Hastings. 

Adult Sex Education Night - Thursday, September 5th, 6:30pm at the Lark

This panel will be a part of a hopefully ongoing series of discussions held by the panel’s planning committee in order to provide sexual health information to Hastings community members.

“Our goal for adult sex ed is to have medically accurate, science-based, very inclusive conversations about sexual education topics that are suitable for adults or maybe around challenges that specifically face adults at all stages of their lives,” said Reeds, a member of the panel’s planning committee.

The information and discussion will come from the multiple perspectives of sexual education by those who are experts in their fields. The panel members include Midwife and Health Information Provider Holly Eckhardt, Pediatrician Dr. Daniel Leonard IV, Logan and Therapist Judy Melius. Their conversations will revolve around questions submitted by community members through a Google form and from the planning committee with the panel being chaired by a registered nurse. 

Reeds hopes that students will attend this panel discussion not just for the social topics around sexual education but also as an academic opportunity from different perspectives and an extra resource for information beyond the HC campus.

“We think it’s important that college students have information and training and support that is directed specifically towards them (from peer education networks and student life services) … but I think it’s also important that they feel a part of a larger community and that they’re recognizing, especially at this transitional stage in their lives, that they can have access to all the resources of a hastings community member and adult,” Reeds said.

The panel will be followed by a series of breakout discussions led by experienced facilitators over topics including healthy masculinity, faith and sexuality, LGBTQ matters and sexual and reproductive health. The committee understands that these are complex issues from multiple points of view surrounding sexual education, hoping that the panel and these breakouts will help fill in gaps in people’s knowledge of sexual education.