HC Rush Week brings in new recruits for Greek life

Full of interactive group activities, Rush Week, which took place Sept. 19 – 26, helped roughly 60 new Greek life members get to know their new fraternities and sororities.

“Rush Week is a great opportunity for rushes to get to know their sorority or fraternity, mingle with other people in the Greek system and see other sororities and fraternities,” said Senior Kaitlin Bierman, president of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC). 

Bierman encourages others to not be afraid to join the Greek family. 

Coordinator of Student Activities and Faculty Sponsor for Greek Life Beth Simoens and the IGC are focusing on having a community inside the Greek system by putting a new spin on the way Rush Week activities are designed. 

“We are focusing on inclusion as a Greek organization. We want to bring the Greeks together, focusing on Greek growth as a whole and making them non-competitive,” Simoens said. “We want to create a ‘we’ instead of a ‘me vs. you’ environment inside 
Greek life.”

Each of this year’s events focused on building a feeling of unity around not only individual fraternities and sororities, but the Greek system as a whole. 

Simoens has some new ideas for the Greeks on campus this year. Her main focus is on community service, which had its own themed event on Sunday last week. This community service effort was kicked off by tying together fleece tie blankets that were sent to Crossroads Mission Avenue, a homeless shelter located in Hastings. 

Junior Kacie Hasting plays Apples to Apples with friends.

The other Rush Week events included “Greeks at the Game” last Saturday, Game Night on Monday, Karaoke Night on Tuesday and a bonfire on Thursday.

Senior Megan Waterhouse was excited about Rush Week and being a part of Alpha Delta Alpha during her final year at HC. 

“With the flood of new members, my favorite thing about Rush Week is meeting the new rushes,” Waterhouse said. 

Greek Council will be doing another bid for new members in the spring to give those that want to be involved but missed the opportunity in the fall to be inducted.