HC students go international

Close to half of Hastings College’s sophomore students will be traveling during block five, which begins on March 2. They will go to Ireland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. This is a requirement within the new curriculum at HC, as part of the CORE.

The Institute of Study Abroad Ireland will be hosting the students traveling to Ireland, where they will visit Londonderry, “Derry.” Students will learn about the Troubles and Irish culture.

The students traveling to France will be exploring Lyon and Paris, learning about cinema, food and agriculture. One stop is a behind-the-scenes trip to Chateau de Champ-Renard, which is an award-winning vineyard. Students will also spend a day with HC’s partner, Groupe IGS, in Lyon and Paris.

The students traveling to the United Kingdom will be studying business, economics, performance and art. Most of the trip will be spent in London, however part of it will also include time in Scotland for the purpose of exploring Scottish cuisine and the Highland Games.

HC’s partner, Universidad Católica de Murcia, will be the host for students traveling to Spain. There, they will be learning about Spanish culture and language, but will also spend time in Granada.

Besides the sophomore trips in block five, five students are traveling to Ireland for the Irish Fellows program and will spend three weeks there, including spring break.

This is the second time that sophomores have traveled abroad as the other half took trips during the first block last fall. Those trips included Peru, France, Panama and Canada.