Hernandez reflects on challenging endeavors

This week in “Persevering the Pandemic,” Richard Romero Hernandez gave his personal perspective on how the pandemic has affected his life, both at the college and privately. 

Senior Richard Hernandez elaborated on his experiences this semester and how they have affected him on a personal level, and he explained how his everyday schedule is focused around his classes and work schedule. 

“I’m currently taking 18 credits. I’m taking two in-person classes and one online class. I have classes every single day, and my in-person classes are every day. I have one at 8 a.m, then I have Principles of Macroeconomics at 2:30 p.m. until 3:50 p.m.. And then I have the online class, which is Advanced Computer Tools, and that’s just on a weekly basis. I’m usually finishing a certain amount of assignments that are due every Sunday,” Hernandez said.

The challenges that have arisen in Hernandez’s schedule have come with the benefit of exploring his own personal preference for his learning experience within his class schedule. 

“Surprisingly, in the beginning of Principles of Macroeconomics, the format was fully online, which made it a little interesting having to do videos. I discovered new learning niches that I haven’t necessarily been exposed to before,” Hernandez said.

Because of his newfound preference for online learning, Hernandez stated that there are benefits to online learning and in-person learning whether inside or outside of the classroom setting. 

“I learned that I do like lectures on Canvas, and they kind of help me with being able to pause and play them, allowing for me to take better notes versus in-person classes, where I can’t give my full attention to the teacher all of the time. In-person does allow for me to socialize more, so I do miss that and it does help me pay attention and stick to the course schedule much better,” Hernandez said.

In his personal life, Hernandez has been subject to food insecurity as a result of no longer having a meal plan in addition to the pandemic. The Crimson Cupboard has been vital with ensuring he can manage meals and save money. 

The challenges that Hernandez has encountered have aided him in determining which of his choices would benefit him in the long run. He also elaborated on the importance of maintaining his schedule to the best of his abilities. 

“I’ve been flexible by planning my whole day around my class schedule. Now that I’m not playing football anymore, that has given me a little bit more time, and being able to set my own schedule and finding one that works for me, has really helped. I think the best thing for me has been learning how to best manage my time,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez ended on a more inspirational note, that in some cases, the greatest things in life are discovered by issues that may arise. “The best thing for me is to find what I love. And I’ve learned that I love to run and going for a run every morning relieves me from the stressful things that I get to thinking about. It kind of allows for me to let everything go and fade away. It helps process my thoughts. And with that, I think a lot of people are afraid of asking for help and are dealing with their own issues behind the scenes when it comes to the pandemic, or food insecurity, family issues, and relationship issues,” Hernandez said.

Despite the challenges Hernandez has faced, his determination to keep a positive outcome in life will not be tarnished. In some cases, challenges may require some form of change. However, change may be harder than the challenges we encounter. 

“Sometimes, it’s hard to change but that’s what we’re meant to do in life: change. And essentially the most important thing to do is find one thing that you love and let everything else fall into place, because everything will turn out okay,” Hernandez said.