Homecoming events

Homecoming 2021 started spirit week traditions on Sunday the 12th with the Chalk Walk, and will end on Saturday the 18th after the parade and the homecoming football game.

Students Activities Coordinator Alyssa Roush, new to HC, was in charge of planning the homecoming activities, and has enjoyed her homecoming here at Hastings so far. 

“I worked at Shepherd University in West Virginia, where I was the homecoming chair and got my masters degree…I oversaw homecoming for six years… homecoming is my baby,” said Alyssa Roush, the Student Activities Coordinator.

Homecoming activities this year were opened up to any student group, residence hall, athletic team or student who wanted to participate. In order to join activities, students needed to join or create a group then register for competitions. Throughout the week, groups earned points at competition events. There were also many activities that were not competitive, such as movie night and the bonfire.

The week began with the Presidential Picnic on Sunday, which was catered by Chartwells and gave students the opportunity to meet with the president in a more casual setting. 

The chalk walk also began on Sunday, giving student groups the opportunity compete by drawing murals in front of HSU. The turnout was great this year and many students got to showcase their artistic skills. 

“The most popular activity was bed races… We did bed races, an egg toss and a four legged race and they seemed to enjoy that and the teams got some points… It was cool to see the mismatch,” Roush said.

On Tuesday groups participated in a trivia night, where there were three categories: Hastings, popular culture and general trivia. Later in the evening,  “Remember the Titans” was this year’s pick for viewing on the Altman lawn

“Wednesday night was game night which was not a competition for points or anything… just a low sensory [opportunity to] come play cards… and skit night,” Roush said.

On Thursday, students had another opportunity to score points in a scavenger hunt around the community and in the school.

On Friday, students have the opportunity to participate in a service project and and attend a mocktail party. To end homecoming, Saturday includes an early-morning 5k race, a lunchtime Bronco BBQ and several sporting events.

In order to keep students safe with COVID and the ongoing mask mandate, events were mainly held outside so students could take off masks and for indoor events, masks were not a problem.