Housing Consolidation Update

This comes as an update to an article from March 8th, 2019 on roommate consolidation. Click here to view the previous article.

According to Chandra Essex, director of resident life, this roommate consolidation was brought up as a way to respect students that paid for the single residency occupancy in double rooms, while others had a dorm to themselves for various reasons. The goal was to optimize space in Hastings College housing so that when other students have problems with their living situation, there are other rooms available for them to move. With the late timing of the consolidation, the housing team met after receiving feedback from students and parents. At that time they decided against having students move in with each other, but decided on a timeline for future years. Students that would be impacted were contacted by their Resident Directors and will be allowed to finish the semester in their current housing.

Starting next year, housing consolidation will occur about the third week of each semester, which lines up tentatively after the first two-week block in the fall and again in about the third week of the spring blocks.