Housing & unemployment reimbursements

After the announcement of a campus closure, refunding and reimbursements are now in question for student and staff campus employment, housing facility costs, meal plans and tuition and student fees. 

An email was sent out to students this past week with information regarding refunds and credits for housing facilities and meal plan costs. This refund process will affect students paying for these services as of March 23, covering 60 percent of the prorated cost of a student’s service plan from March 23 to the end of the semester. Refunds will be sent within the next 30 to 60 days, either through a direct refund or by needed payment reduction.

Students with on-campus jobs are now receiving reduced or no income due to losing their job or having potential work moved to online platforms.

“Each on-campus manager has the authority to work with their student employees regarding their position. While there may still be some positions that can work remotely, unfortunately, many positions on campus are not needed at this time while students are away from campus,” said Susan Meeske, executive vice president of enrollment and student experience.

No information has been released regarding potential reimbursements for students who are experiencing income loss during campus closure.

Faculty, staff and administrative positions have not knowingly been financially affected during this time. A national spike in those filing for unemployment came shortly after government-issued orders were made which highly encouraged individuals to stay indoors in order to slow and potentially stop the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. According to Roger Doerr, chair of the Board of Trustees and on the acting presidential transition committee, a number of administrators will be shifting to a four-day workweek while students are off campus, and during this time some staff have retirements pending or have voluntarily left Hastings College. However, the staff of Fresh Ideas and the maintenance facilities are contracted through other corporations. The Collegian reached out to Fresh Ideas and maintenance but has not yet received a response regarding how their worker’s positions have been affected during this time.

Operational costs of the college are also being looked at as HC continues services during this international pandemic.

“We are dealing with multiple unknowns as we look to the effects of the pandemic on our college. The Trustees expect the college to operate with a balanced budget going forward,” Doerr said.

The estimated operational costs this school year are close to $26 million while revenue is projected to be $24 million.