Sophomore Austin Esch and Juniors Brendan Lipovsky and Logan Cale watch Junior Ryan Ierna as he plays Fortnite in the Hazelrigg Student Union.

Intramurals expands on e-sports tournaments with Fortnite

Hastings College Intramurals held its first Fortnite Tournament April 17 at 7 p.m. The tournament is held alongside a growing number of e-sports hosted by Intramurals.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game with 250 million registered users. One hundred players drop into a map and loot weapons, ammunition and gear to try to be the last man standing while a “storm” slowly closes in on a random area of the map. The winner is the last surviving person.

About 12 people participated in the tournament. Two TVs were used in Hazelrigg Student Union, one with an Xbox One and one with a Playstation 4.

Senior Hogan Shaw ran the tournament through his internship at the YMCA.

Points were awarded based on the number of kills each player got during their play. The score would be added to their partner’s score, and the highest score would determine the winner. Final placement in the match was not counted.

The tournament was originally going to be two partners competing together in duo mode, but Shaw said that adding the scores of two players would improve accessibility to the game.

An added rule for the tournament was that players had to land in a specific area, “Tilted Towers,” known for its dense population and quick-paced action. This helped keep the matches short and keep the excitement up.

Shaw said he hoped that more people would show up for the tournament, but the event was held on the same night as free movie night.

Junior Ryan Ierna took first place, winning a $100 card. First-year Cameron Sedillos took second place, winning a $50 gift card.