iPad “Floating Keyboard” Feature

The size and location of your on-screen keyboard is  customizable by utilizing the floating keyboard feature. Use this feature by having the keyboard visible on the screen and then pinching inward with two fingers on the keyboard. Now, drag the keyboard to any location on the screen. To undo this setting, you will do the same pinch with two fingers over the keyboard, except this time you’ll pinch outward. This feature can be handy for pages that seem squished due to the keyboard or for sites that don’t handle mobile devices very well. Swipe typing, or QuickPath, missing from the full-size keyboard, also activates when the keyboard is in floating mode. Check out this resource to learn more about using the floating keyboard.

If you’re having trouble with this feature stop by the IT helpdesk in the Perkins building. If you have a tip you want to share or think your peers should know, please submit them to bdavis@hastings.edu.