Left to right: Vesin, Schregle and Baume

ISCPA students in Lyon, France attend HC

Hastings College welcomes three new international students to campus. Agathe Baume (France), Leontine Schregle (Switzerland), and Charleen Vesin (France) moved from France to the U.S. at the of start the spring semester. International Admissions Counselor and Director of International Programs Grant Hunter took a trip overseas to recruit students to HC.

“He came to our class and presented a powerpoint, like what is Hastings College, and what we can study here, what are the activities, and he talked about the city,” Baume said. “At first I wanted to go to San Francisco, but I saw the presentation and it seemed really cool. I felt like integration would be easier here.” 

They are all communication majors who are a part of the semester abroad program with a school in France called the Institut Supérieur des Médias de Lyon (ISCPA). ISCPA is an international graduate school based in France that specializes in media and communication. Baume is studying graphic design and aspires to get her master’s degree in France. Schregle is also taking graphic design but is interested in marketing and wants to build her own advertising company. Vesin is also taking graphic design, as well as book production, and is going to get her Master’s degree in Paris in the audio/visual field. 

All three students had some experience in the U.S., going to various parts of the country at some point throughout their lives, with Schregle traveling here as much as six times.  “I was traveling around so I met a lot of people and I had a really good time. Every state is different so it’s impressive to see how it works,” she said. The girls still found some surprises here in contrast to France. They all agreed that the US, or at least Hastings, is generally a lot friendlier. Schregie says, “In Switzerland, people are stressed and never have time to talk… here people are taking their time to explain things to you and it’s really nice,.” Schregle said. Also, of course, the food here is very different. One of the things the girls will generally miss is the food. “Typical French food, good bread, good butter, good cheese,” Vesin said. 

HC is attended by students from many different continents and regions around the world. Students attend from Africa, Central America, Africa and so forth, so getting new international students has become nothing more than ordinary as students enter the spring semester of 2020. About 38 foreign exchange students will be arriving to HC later this semester. 

The three students are more than ready to see what this upcoming semester has in store for them. “I’m not expecting anything right now. I’m just trying to live a new adventure and we’ll see what Hastings College can bring me,” Schregle said.