IT department fills two employee positions

At the beginning of this semester, Hastings College welcomed two new people to the Information Technology (IT) department staff, Rocky Czaplewski and Rachael Broadwell. Both are former employees of the IT department at Central Community College. Czaplewski is a CCC graduate while Broadwell is still finishing her degree. 

“I was just looking for jobs, then the position came up here at HC since they had multiple people leave at once. And we actually both applied for the same job, and then they ended up creating two positions, one for each of us,” Broadwell said.

While both Broadwell and Czaplewski believe working in IT best fits their individual skill sets, neither of them started their professional careers in IT. Broadwell spent 15 years as a social worker before realizing her true passion was working in IT, and Czaplewski spent 15 years working with technology as a hobby before deciding to turn it into a career.

Both Broadwell and Czaplewski are not only passionate about technology, but also about the interpersonal communication that comes along with the job and making sure that people feel comfortable asking IT for help.

“Part of the challenge that I’ve seen other people have with IT departments in general is that people tend to perceive IT as not being very personable, or being condescending and making them feel dumb. So, I think that that’s a big part of it, the customer service aspect and recognizing that people do get really frustrated sometimes with technology and they feel dumb or helpless,” Broadwell said.

Similar to how Broadwell and Czaplewski want to make students and faculty feel at home with the IT department, both feel a connection to the family culture cultivated in the HC work environment. 

“The impression that was made to me during the interview here really impressed me, and I’m glad I ended up going on this path. I appreciate the people I work with and so far, this has really been beyond my wildest expectations for how well we get along as a team, and just the community around HC. I’m very impressed,” Czaplewski said.