Notability Auto-Backup Feature

The app Notability has a good backup feature that you should be utilizing. Most everything on your iPad will be stored in your iCloud or Google Drive account, but Notability needs to be set up in order to automatically backup your notes. To do this, go into your Notability app. Locate the settings icon on the bottom left. Next, choose the Auto-Backup section and select Google Drive. You will need to then log in to your Hastings College Google account. Please note that these files will be in “Note” format and Google Drive will not be able to open them without Notability or a similar program, like Apple Notes. To read more about this feature check out this support page:

If you’re having trouble with this feature stop by the IT helpdesk in the Perkins building. If you have a tip you want to share or think your peers should know please submit them to

– Brad Davis, Instructional Technology Support Specialist