iPad Split-screen Feature

You can multitask with split-screening on the iPad! The feature needs to be enabled on your iPad first. To do this go to Settings>General>Multitasking & Dock>Toggle on ‘Allow Multiple Apps’. Place the apps you want to split-screen on your dock. Open one of the apps. Then do a half-inch swipe up from the bottom center of the screen so you can see your dock while the first app is open. Choose the app you want to split the screen with from the dock, and press and hold on it for one second. Then drag it up and drop it on the screen. Click here to find out more information and additional help.

If you’re having trouble with this feature, stop by the IT helpdesk in the Perkins building. If you have a tip you want to share or think your peers should know about, please submit them to bdavis@hastings.edu.