Krolikowski duo plays together for one last year

Back together on the hardwood is sister duo, Casey and Emily Krolikowski. The pair of sisters have met back on the volleyball court for Casey’s senior year and Emily’s freshman season. The Krolikowski sisters are from Cairo, Neb. where they grew up playing the sport of volleyball since the fourth grade.

It was not until Emily was a freshman in high school that they played on the same team. For the Krolikowskis, this was when they started to get along more and developed a stronger relationship.

“When Emily and I were younger, we fought all the time, we rarely got along but as soon as she got into high school our relationship completely changed,” Casey said.

Getting to play with siblings in high school is an unbelievable experience, but being able to play together at the collegiate level is not often heard of. The Krolikowski sisters only share one rotation together on the court, but they couldn’t care less because they get to play on the same team.

“I think it’s something that we always kind of dreamed of. It’s the last time that she ever plays volleyball will be with me. It’s very special because we are working towards this one common goal. It’s pretty amazing,” Emily said.

For the Krolikowskis, one of them always wanted to go to Hastings, but it took the other some time to figure out where she wanted to go.

“Well, our parents met here, so I always wanted to come here. When Casey committed at first I was mad and then the closer we got, it was always just where I wanted to go, so it was the cherry on top,” Emily said.

Being the older sibling, Casey has a lot of expectations for herself to be a good leader for the younger sister. When asking Casey what it is like to have Emily look up to her, she stated, “It means a lot. I always try to lead by example, and I know Emily always has my back and doesn’t judge me or criticize me. She is a really good support system.”

For the Krolikowski sisters, they have to dodge a few obstacles with their family being together and playing on the same team means much more to them.

“It means a lot especially this year when our family has been thrown a lot of obstacles and just being together to support one another every single day. I think that has helped both of us a lot,” Casey said.

With less than two months left in the season, Emily and Casey are cherishing every moment together on and off the court.