Students voice their opinions at a Student Association Senate meeting

Larger SA budget for 2019-2020

The Hastings College Student Association (SA) held their first budget request meeting on Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in Wilson Auditorium. One individual student and 14 student groups requested a total of $57,204.38 of the available $71,775 in the SA unallocated fund, an increase from last year’s $68,000 starting fund.

After opening of the meeting and approval of last meeting’s minutes, Senate moved to the approval of student group funding requests.

The Collegian’s request of $4,400 for this semester’s printing costs were approved in full.

SA Executive’s discretionary fund request of $5,254.42 was approved in full. Of the amount, $1,700 was requested for cabinet salaries and $1,000 for Programming Board. $1,738.22 was requested for Grocery Bag Bingo to accommodate SA’s initiative to provide larger bingos. $316.20 was requested for Paint Wars, which was held on Aug. 28. $500 was also requested for student group funding.

SA Banquet committee requested $15,400 for the Boar’s Head and Homecoming dinners. Each event is expected to cost $7,700. They were approved in full.

SA Entertainment committee requested $13,355. A greater portion of the request was made to hold four free movie nights. $1,250 was requested to cover a hypnotist for an admissions event. $105 was also requested for a pumpkin carving event. A voluntary cut of $25 was made and $13,330 was approved.

SA Special Events committee requested $3,319 to cover costs for Homecoming Week and Homecoming royalty ensembles. $319 was cut and $3,000 was approved.

Lambda Pi Eta requested $2,745 for the National Communications Conference on Nov. 12-16 to cover travel, lodging, food and registration costs. To comply with standing rules, Senate cut costs for food and conference membership expenses and covered only 25 percent of registration fees for each member attending. $67.50 was approved. Senate suggested they return later in the semester to request for more funding if necessary.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) requested $1,411.96 for tailgate parties during sports events. These funds will cover food, giveaways, travel to away games and T-shirts for all tailgating events. Off-Campus Housing Senator Parker Fleming motioned for $100 to be added to the request to comply with standing rules regarding T-shirts. The motioned passed and $1,511.96 was approved.

Food4Thought requested $600 for a barbeque and fundraising event that the organization uses to recruit. They were approved in full.

Multicultural Student Union (MSU) requested $1,316 for their annual multicultural festival and an event centered around Día de los Muertos. They were approved in full.

LocalGlobal requested $5,000 for their annual meal packing event. These funds will be added to the approved requests made last spring, an action made in order to alleviate requesting concerns from SA Senate. The organization also did fundraising activities this past summer in order to lower the requested amount. They were approved in full.

Alpha Chi requested $255 for their Bronco Brain Buster event. $95 was cut and $160 was approved.

Alliance requested $530 for various events throughout the semester. After debate on the timing of the request, Senate suggested the group come back to request funds closer to the event dates. $110 was approved for the group’s closest upcoming event. 

Crimson Cupboard’s request of $2,000 was approved in full. $400 a month will be used through January to cover costs for food pantry stock and grocery vouchers.

An individual student request of $1,318 was made by Senior Abdul Marei to cover costs to attend the 2019 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Senior Football Classic/All-Star Game, which Marei was invited to participate in. The request would fund registration and travel fees for the game. Senate cut travel and lodging funds with the intention that Marei would receive $500 from the SA Executive discretionary fund. $495 was approved.

[AG]Vocates requested $200 for their Ultimate Farmer Challenge event. Without representatives at the budget meeting, the request was tabled for the next Senate meeting.

A total of $52,644.88 was approved and $19,130 remains in the SA unallocated fund for the rest of the fall semester. Seventy three percent of the budget was allocated, a decrease in the first meeting from last year’s 81.5 percent.