Letter from the editor: HC Collegian still here, still publishing online

Note: intended for release on September 17, 2021 but was missed during publication

While everyone and every area and every country was, and continues to be, affected by the coronavirus pandemic in a myriad of ways, many educational institutions are resuming operations with heavy emphasis on in-person attendance. Without context, Block 1 and Block 2 have, so far, been mundane. The fact that Hastings College has returned to “normal” – classes no longer being split into shifts, seating capacity increased and a busy event schedule – is what makes these past weeks notable.

For HC, the previous three years have been bookmarks in campus and world history. Starting with HC piloting the 2.0 schedule in a year that no one knew would be cut short, then that schedule allowing classes to be highly adaptable through 2020-2021, we are now returning to something that resembles normality. That is, if you have a personal reference for what that “normal” is supposed to be. 

As a campus community, we are in the process of adapting to this lack of adaptation. Sure, some may want nothing more than to leave mask wearing behind us, but for others this current semester is a whiplash of interaction instead of the slow creep to normalcy that returning students can see it as.

The Collegian paper, however, will not be returning to the pre-pandemic status quo at this time. Online communication has been proven as a stable and necessary fact of modern life, so at least until the Spring semester hccollegian.com will remain our main publication outlet. We are still producing traditional issues, downloadable through the SelfService app on your college-issue iPads.

Collegian staff may be dedicated, but we are not all-knowing. Any one person, or our small group of persons, cannot read the minds of our peers to know what you need help to know. Student journalism exists to serve the student body, just as much as it exists because of student effort. 

If you are reading this, thank you for taking time out of your day to check up on HC campus news. Whether it’s to recap the week’s events, introduce new employees or student groups, or bring attention to the overlooked and unthought-of aspects of the college, student journalism will always be here to provide unbiased coverage. The form has changed to embrace digital platforms as with seemingly every other aspect of life, and the quantity may wax and wane, but there will always be a record of HC’s history.

Student journalism is itself overlooked, maybe even more than the day-to-day happenings that students can take for granted or the people we see every day without much consideration. With over a century of HC knowledge, records, images and broadly a depiction of the campus’s student culture held in our archives, the Collegian will continue to add events, Student Association senate decisions, and the opinions of the student body to the permanent history of the college. 

On behalf of the Collegian staff, we will always do our best to uphold standards and deliver you the news.