Liz Lee directs “You Love Me,…Don’t You?” for senior theatre capstone

The second theater capstone, “You Do Love Me,… Don’t You?” directed by senior Liz Lee, premiers this weekend via Zoom on April 23 and 24 at 7:00 p.m on both days. The production is by playwright Claire Demmer, and stands out from other theater shows at HC as a comedic horror thriller. 

“I decided to do this play because I wanted to support lesser-known playwrights, and it’s a type of show we haven’t done at Hastings College. We’ve done comedies and dramas but we haven’t done thriller or murder shows,” said Lee. 

Although the play has comedic aspects, viewers should be aware that it has violent scenes. In the play Peta-Ann brings her boyfriend Leon home to meet her parents, but the night quickly goes sour as Leon becomes concerned about anyone who might stand between the couple.

The fact that the capstone plays this year were pre-recorded and premiered on Zoom had some positives for this play because of the content matter, but the lack of an audience was a challenge for the cast due to the lack of feedback and the missing experience of people watching the performance in real time. 

“The adapting process was not too bad for this production, and we were able to do closeups on the murder scenes. But the downside is that the cast didn’t have an audience to perform to so it was difficult to find comedic moments and time deliveries. There’s just no feedback,” Lee said.

One positive aspect is that the filming allowed for more interesting visuals, and there was more freedom to experiment with props. Lee is also grateful for the experience of directing the play as she was able to blend her role with her future career plans. 

“In my future I want to go into stage management, and stage managers are a director’s second hand. Learning the director’s side is pretty interesting because I know what they have to go through, how much work they have to put into it and how helpful it is to have a stage manager,” Lee said. “It leads me to have appreciation towards everyone in the theater department, especially the director.”

After graduating from HC, Lee hopes to go into stage management and is looking at graduate schools that will help her with that goal, and has an interest in small theaters and college theaters. 

While editing the digital version was mostly left up to senior Sage Reiger, the play being filmed allowed Lee to have input on creative decisions and make sure the final version lived up to her vision. 

The cast specific to this show consisted of Javi Jimenez, Christian Kehn, Ivey Zimmerman, Kai Marshall and Audrey Weeks. Amelia Amicarella and Maggie Price were the stage manager and assistant stage manager and Darci Wax was the combat head.