Luz announced as HR director

This October, Hastings College hired Ana Luz as the new director of Human Resources (HR), replacing Kari Fluckey who left earlier in the month. With about four weeks into her new position, Luz is currently in the process of evaluating the processes and procedures of the HR department and undergoing training for her new role on campus, including becoming the new Title IX coordinator.

“In this first moment, I’m trying to prepare a good diagnosis of everything we have and discuss with cabinets the way we (HR Department and Hastings College as a whole) want to be from now on. So I have some suggestions, my first impressions, and we are deciding how to deal with that from now on. To accomplish our mission, the main goals of HC, ‘how could HR support us in this journey?’” Luz said. “We have some ideas, but the action plans are not defined yet.”

Luz is in the process of receiving training on Title IX response procedures while a new committee is being formed and a new Title IX deputy coordinator is trained, in order to hold formal training and procedural duties. Luz has experience with procedures similar to that of Title IX, however, has not formally worked with the title laws with the atmosphere of higher education.

While the completion date of this training has not yet been determined, Luz estimates that it will be in early February. 

As the new director of HR, this is Luz’s first position at an academic institution. Prior to starting at HC, Luz worked for large companies and industrial corporations, addressing the systems and policies of human resources and looking into the development and cultural aspects of the company. Her position and duties will be similar to that of her previous experience.

“My main role here (at HC) is overseeing all the HR processes and policies, try to understand how we could make it even better and continuously improve our processes from now on,” Luz said.

Luz’s education is in social work, along with human resources experience from an internship with Robert Bosch Engineering and Technology. Luz also did post-graduate studies in psychology and organizational development and holds a master’s degree in business administration.

While evaluating the procedures and functions of HR on campus, Luz emphasized that the department is available to assist with anyone’s needs or concerns and that Fluckey is still the active Title IX coordinator.

“HR is available for anybody that wants to talk or discuss or share…we are here to offer any kind of support we could,” Luz said.