Paint Wars returns, glow party next semester

One of Hastings College’s most popular events, Paint Wars, took place Sept. 1. Student Association (SA) hosted the color festivity for all students to get outside and become a canvas themselves.

Paint Wars is an popular, annual event that takes place in the fall where water balloons and water guns are filled with various colors of paint, along with a colorful slip-n-slide. Though the weather was gloomy, it was still warm enough, which allowed students to play in paint for two hours straight.

“This year, we bought some flotation rafts that people could use to slide down (the slip-n-slide) and used a different tarp that held really well,” said SA President. Geena Piper. “We also had an extra tarp that we put paint on for students to have a paint fight, which got students extra colorful.”

Next year’s Paint Wars will include another water hose for students to rinse off with after the event and a foam gun.

“It was really funny to watch and it looked like students were having fun,” Piper said. “Since we don’t have the typical Labor Day weekend, this gives students the opportunity to take a break from school work, have fun and make a mess.”

Typically, Paint Wars is only once a year in the fall, but this year the resident assistants (RAs) are creating new programming ideas, including having another Paint Wars.

“They are doing an all hall mix up between the residence halls and the Bronco Village Apartments every month, and the idea of another Paint Wars is an option, but nothing is set in stone yet,” Piper said.

Paint Wars isn’t HC’s only colorful event. Operation Glow is making a comeback this academic year. Operation Glow is  a popular event for students where a DJ plays music and students dance and sing while being splattered in glow paint.

“We are taking it (Operation Glow) to the next level. Last year it was Mission: Paint Splash, Level Two and this year we are doing Mission: Operation Glow, Level Three,” Piper said.

The next level addition adds a foam cannon, UV bubbles, lasers, confetti, streamer cannons and more. The date for Operation Glow is set for April 6, 2019.